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Iris Martinez

Cook County Clerk of the Court and former Senator

"There is no better choice to represent our community than Gil Villegas in this race for Congress. He’s served his country as a Marine, worked on the front lines of the economy as a Teamster driving bread and other food goods to our grocery stores, oversaw enormous projects in State Government, helped minority owned businesses succeed at the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association, and represented our interests as Alderman of the 36th Ward. Whether it’s fixing our economy, supporting the middle class, or addressing the scourge of gun violence our residents face, we can trust him to get the job done."

UNITE HERE Local 1.png


Karen Kent, President of UNITE HERE Local 1

"Alderman Villegas has not only served his country as a Marine, but he has served organized labor in Chicago as a Teamster and as an elected shop steward in his union. Throughout the pandemic, UNITE HERE Local 1 members have depended on friends and allies to help us pull through. Alderman Villegas’ efforts on behalf of our members have ensured that dedicated and long-serving hospitality workers can return to their jobs as guests come back to our city. We’re proud to endorse him."


vote vets

Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of VoteVets

"Gil is a true American story, rising up out of public housing, to then

serving our country in uniform, and returning home to his community to serve the people there, Gil’s shown a deep commitment to serving others. He’s also remembered his brothers and sisters who served in uniform, keeping their wellbeing in mind, as he has risen in elected office. That is the kind of mindset and dedication that we need more of in Washington. Gil’s always been there for us, and we’re proud to be there for him."

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